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Zeller Fitness will create an individualized workout plan using equipment such as resistance bands, sandbags, jump rope, hurdles, speed ladder, free weights, medicine balls, etc. as well as anything available in your own home!










Making exercise accessible to everyone—anywhere, anytime.

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Meet your trainer

Alex Zeller, Owner
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

My name is Alex Zeller and I am the owner and founder of Zeller Fitness, LLC. Exercise has been a part of my life since the very beginning; I started playing soccer at the age of 4 and participated in a number of other sports and recreational activities along the way.

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I have a cat
named Nova.
My favorite
exercise is the
The first-ever
Zeller Fitness client
was my mom!
I have an older
sister who lives
in California.
I am a
Cubs fan.
My favorite book
is "To Kill A
Mockingbird" by
Harper Lee.
Zeller Fitness’
colors were inspired
by the original colors
of Zeller Marketing
and Design.
Cycling is my
most preferred
cardio exercise.
I have an older
brother who lives
in New Jersey.
My favorite
soccer player is
Alex Morgan.
I love to
snowboard, but I’ve
never tried skiing.
My first pet was
a bearded dragon.
The only bone
I ever broke was
my tailbone.
I ran my
first Tough Mudder
in 2019.
One of my
favorite music artists
is Quinn XCII.
I enjoy
taking care of
If I could pick
one superpower,
I would want to
time travel.
I studied abroad
in Argentina.
I prefer my
coffee black.
I love
country music.


Cross your finish line

I believe there is no one-size-fits-all fitness solution. Everyone has their own goals which require their own action plan. I am dedicated to getting to know you in order to create a unique plan that effectively and efficiently helps you reach those goals.

A fitness journey on your terms

I believe fitness should be available to everyone. I am committed to delivering quality personal training in the most accessible way for you and your lifestyle.


I start every fitness journey with an initial baseline assessment to get to know you and your goals so I can tailor a program that meets your exact needs with workouts that are personalized based on your environment. I will train with you anytime, anywhere, with or without equipment—virtually or in person. Home gyms, living rooms, basements, backyards, parks—you name it, I’ll make it work. My programs are specifically designed to revolutionize and optimize your fitness goals all while motivating, supporting and pushing you through any hurdles in order to get you to cross your finish line.

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